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Kauniit vieraskieliset sanat

Löysin blogin kätköistä tälläisen vanhan postauksen, jonka julkaisen nyt täällä joulupäivän kunniaksi. Tällä kertaa siis ihan suomeksi. Hyvää joulupäivää + (huomista) tapaninpäivää kaikille ihanille lukijoilleni!! <3 / I found this old post about beautiful foreign language words in my computer and I want to share this with you, because of Christmas Day. :) You can think this as an my Christmas present to you, my readers. :) Two posts in one day, that's quite extraordinary behaviour to me! Unfortunately this post is in Finnish, I'm sorry! :( Happy Christmas Day and Nice Boxing Day to all my lovely readers and followers! <3

Vieraiden kielten opiskelu on hauskaa, mielenkiintoista ja yleensä varsin mukavaakin, ellei oteta huomioon kielioppia... :(
Vieraissa kielissä on monia uusia kauniita sanoja, jota ei välttämättä siitä omasta kielestä löydy. Nyt ajattelinkin esitellä omat vieraskieliset lempisanani, kertokaahan tekin omianne!

Ihana! <3 Ei suomen kielestä edes lödy tälläistä sanaa kuvaamaan tälläistä tunnetta :)

Ihana sana myöskin :) Nyt löytyi tällekin ilmiölle oma, sitä täydellisesti kuvaava sana! Mutta tästä seuraa se, että alan puhua kohta omaa ranska-suomi-ruotsi-englanti - siansaksaani :D

Ihanan kaunis ilmaus! <3 

Just Girly Things

In my mind, this is quite stupid challenge. These photos are so full of typical gender roles, sorry for that! :(
How you feel about this challenge? Stupid, OK or lovely?

I'm now on Christmas Holiday and I'm really having a great time! <3 

What I have been doing during my holiday :D
 Not really, but I do love lazy Sundays, when there's no hurry, no stress, just me, a lot of good chocolate, great movies, wonderful books and my beloved computer ;)

I love travelling! <3 I haven't been abroad for a while and at this moment I only want to go to new place, where I haven't been before. I'm dreaming of places like Edinburgh, India, Nice, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, and New York. 

Everybody can do this, not only girls :( Super feminist girl inside shouts at this moment and want to break her computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Knit sweaters, I love them so much! <3

I still wait for that!!! White Christmas had been nice thing, but not then! :(

I courage all people in the world do this! Girls, please love your curves!!! <3

I like new Miley Cyrus more than I liked the old Miley. New Miley is personal, smart, brave, beautiful and totally not potboiler person from Hollywood, what old Miley was. 

I'll study in Helsinki, but recently I have been thinking what it would feel to live in a real CITIES like New York, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong or London. 

I'm going to cinema during my holiday to watch this. First part was almost perfect, so the second part must be as least as good as the first movie of Hunger Games trilogy was. :) 

Soon, soon!!!! <3

I have always dream of living in San Francisco. 

I was hoping Christmas slippers as an Christmas gifts and then I actually get them!!! <3 I love the feeling when your dreams came true! <3

Or coffee ;)

Happy holidays!!!!!! :)

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maanantai 9. joulukuuta 2013

My little reasons to smile :)

Well, I do love challanges. Pinterest, We Heart It, tumbrl and blogs are full of these pretty little photos, which tell something about yourselves, like: my bucket list,little reason to smile,before I die and so on..
I have before I die challenge in this blog earlier, so now I'm gonna do this wonderful little reason to smile - challange. Enjoy! :)
I just love this feeling, when you feel snow in your hair. Best thing about snow rain! <3



This is the main reason why I love spring and summer so much! XD

I love pretty hotel rooms. I really can recommend Hotel Tammer in Tampere, Finland, they have most prettiest hotel rooms ever. :)

Thank you Siwa for Cappuccino, Latte and Wiener Cafe take away cafes, you have saved my mornings several times! :)
I love grapes <3

Floral dresses <3

Yep, I know, they're unhealthy and kills me slowly but surely, but still... I can't give up them like I can't give up with chocolate. :)

I prefer Badminton more than tennis. :)

I got this feeling, when I got a chance to go Paris. <3

Tea <3

Like my friend one said: "Tea and Harry Potter are spice of life. And that's it!"

Harry Potter <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I haven't write for an ages poems, but I do love writing poems. I only wish that I would have enough time for writing poems. There aren't enough hours in day, unfortunately :(

Nutella <3

I can't live without dancing <3

These are the main reason why I'm so fat :D

I can't crush, if boy didn't make me laugh. "The one" must have good sense of humour! I don't even believe in the one, but anyways :D

There is no summer until there's strawberry inside my mouth ;)

I just bought my first oversized sweater and just love it! <3